Last week I touched on the importance of maintaining energy and effort when looking for work in these tough economic times. I wanted to take the time this week to mention some tips for impressing YOUR future employer should YOU be so lucky to land a coveted interview. YOUR attitude and language will obviously communicate to employers if YOU are someone they would like to hire. Here are some pointers on shaping YOUR mindset beforehand so that YOU communicate success despite whatever YOUR current circumstances might be.

If YOU are interviewing for a job because YOU are currently out of work, remember that no one will hire YOU because they feel sorry for YOU or YOU got a bad deal. If people are hired to solve problems and make an organization stronger, YOU don’t want to communicate the opposite. Why even describe yourself as unemployed? My suggestion is to eliminate that word from YOUR vocabulary completely. YOU are “in the market” or “looking for a new position”, but there is no need to describe yourself in negative terms.

In fact, be selective in YOUR search for work with who YOU describe YOUR current plight to even outside of employers. There are negative, bitter people everywhere and I guarantee they will not contribute to YOUR getting hired. The quicker YOU eliminate negative conversations from YOUR speech and thoughts, the better YOU will convey a fully positive picture to future employers.

The more proactive YOU have been in YOUR job hunt the more YOU will feel at peace and ultimately erase nervous energy that could show up in YOUR interview. As YOU are job hunting, it might be a good idea to get involved in activities that keep YOUR skill set sharp. Even if YOU are in between jobs, prospective employers will be interested in YOUR interview with how YOU have spent your extra time. Keep YOUR mental health in top shape with physical exercise as this will help YOUR body to naturally exude positive energy in interviews.

Always remember that YOUR family and friends are rooting for YOU and that somebody out there wants to hire YOU for the talents YOU offer. YOU matter and YOU can make it happen. If YOU are spiritual, meditate or pray about the situation at hand. Ultimately, the only thing YOU are in control of is how YOU speak and think. Stay positive and stay focused until YOU land that job you’re looking for!