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Passion isn’t enough. We can help you remove the emotion from decisions that require tactical moves. Many times we encounter organizations that have backed themselves into a corner because the leadership acts from an emotional standpoint. Passion is great as a starting point for generating a vision for your organization, but it should be removed from management decisions that require logic.



Personnel issues are just one of the common things that can keep an executive up at night. Budget shortfalls, fundraising techniques that are not producing as expected, overwhelming questions on tax questions, problems with a Board of Directors (or a small faction of a Board), fears of a failed succession (or a total lack of a succession plan) and many other concerns need objective reasoning, not emotional wrestling.

We can help you frame your organization’s specific issues into clear, objective questions – and that will help you answer them truthfully so you can develop a plan to confront the problems that keep you awake at night. We’ll even work with you to develop actionable steps. Contact Us Today!


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