The Resource Challenge for Social Enterprise

Last month, I read a piece on funding social enterprise. It was an article from The Wall Street Journal entitled, “Social Enterprises Have a Hard Time Landing Capital”. As a social entrepreneur myself,

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The Dashboard Effect

This past month I publicly re-launched Wayne Elsey Enterprises, which is the full service creative agency and parent company to Funds2Orgs, 501(c)(3) University and str@tegic. Being the CEO of multiple fast-growing companies is demanding

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The Challenge of the Horn

I was reminded again of the fragility of life. Things have been going very well for me. My businesses continue to grow, my personal life is wonderful with people I love close to

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When It Gets Hot

Last week, I wrote about the topic of money because I believe it is so important toward running a successful business, social enterprise or non-profit. You can find the articles here and here.

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Let’s Continue to Talk About Money

My previous post dealt with the fact that non-profits had to bring the topic of money front and center within their organizations. This topic is so important that I wanted to continue my thought

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Let’s Talk About Money

If you have not noticed, we are living with a new normal where information, technology, chaos and innovation are disrupting and supplanting the status quo. In the non-profit sector, I continue to find

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Leadership Fail: Blaming Others

Perhaps it is just another example of the Peter Principle, or maybe it’s just about someone who does not know how to be a leader. Either way, it amazes me sometimes to see

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What Is Social Entrepreneurship?

As summer has kicked into full drive, I found myself this past weekend speaking with a lot of new people. One conversation stands out in particular, and it went a little like this:

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The Way We Think About Charity Needs To Change!

In the world of nonprofit leaders and people who make a difference in our world, Dan Pallotta is a true rock star and I am very proud to call him my friend. Dan is best known for creating the multi-day charitable event industry, and a new generation of citizen philanthropists with the AIDS Rides and Breast Cancer 3-Day events, which has raised $582 million in just nine years. He is president of Advertising for Humanity, which helps foundations and philanthropists transform the growth potential of their favorite grantees and the author of Uncharitable and Charity Case: How the Nonprofit Community Can Stand Up For Itself and Really Change the World – two important books that I urge every nonprofit leader to read.
Dan has long been a champion of changing the way we view the nonprofit sector. As he wrote in the preface of my book, Almost Isn’t Good Enough, the current ethic that we have about nonprofits “… seriously undermines our ability to create meaningful change in the world. This ethic encourages cultures of deprivation in charity and discourages charities from doing all of […]

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Funds2Orgs Helps Nonprofits Raise Funds…

Funds2Orgs helps nonprofits raise funds, supports micro-enterprise in developing nations & dramatically reduces post consumer waste.
Wayne Elsey launches new company, Funds2Orgs, to help non-profits create powerful events that engage volunteers, raise funds and make a difference in the lives of individuals and communities.
Orlando, FL, (April 3, 2013): Wayne Elsey, Founder and former CEO of the charitable organization, Soles4Souls and current CEO of Wayne Elsey Enterprises, today announced the launch of Funds2Orgs. The new company will help U.S. nonprofits raise funds by holding events that collect gently used or discarded items such as shoes, clothing, purses, mattresses, cell phones and other electronic goods. Participating nonprofits are paid for what they collect and the articles are then distributed to support and sustain micro-enterprise ventures by low-income entrepreneurs in disadvantaged countries.

“I am very excited to launch Funds2Orgs because my experience over the past few years of working with charitable organizations has shown that the overwhelming majority of the more than 1.5 million nonprofit organizations registered in the U.S. are unable to sustain the revenues they need to carry out their mission. Compounding the problem for many […]

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