Don’t Miss Out On Mobile Marketing

A recent study by Nielsen and Google found that 77% of mobile searches occur in the home or work, where individuals are most likely to have access to a computer. 3 out of

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Free Non-Profit Education at 501(c)(3)U

In the United States there are approximately 1.5 million non-profits. Most of these non-profits operate with less than $1 million a year. That’s the target demographic of, which aims to help support

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The Art of Telling Your Non-Profit Story

If you notice, humans have been telling stories since the first art pieces were drawn in caves. There is an innate need for humans to feel a connection to other people. Providing the

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Your Website is Not a Graveyard

We live in a world of technology, but I have seen too many small businesses and non-profits think there really is no need to have much of a web presence (especially with their

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Pushing Pause with the Team

If you are a business leader, entrepreneur or non-profit executive, you are likely always assessing the performance of your organization. That is an absolute requirement. As a social entrepreneur, I am continually making

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Ebola: The Facts and How to Help

As of this writing, countries around the globe continue to deal with the threat of Ebola. This is a serious threat not only to the continent of Africa, but also to the world.

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Micro-Entrepreneurs Help to Rebuild Haiti

Last week, I spent time in Haiti as I have done often to help in the ongoing recovery efforts that have been continuing since the devastating 2010 earthquake. I recognize the world has

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Continuing Efforts to Rebuild Haiti

Last week I found myself walking through the streets of Haiti. I have come here often since the 2010 earthquake and every time I return, I see change and people doing everything they

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How a Lint Brush Can Make a Difference

I am just back from Haiti, where I spent time helping support their ongoing recovery efforts from the 2010 earthquake that devastated the country.
This is always a humbling experience because I am reminded

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Alibaba and the Quiet Leadership of Jack Ma

Every time we think we have seen the largest IPO, yet another comes along and a short time later breaks all records. The most recent example of this was Alibaba, which was founded

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