Make This Thanksgiving Holiday Different and Better

This week is the official start of the holiday season with Thanksgiving. We all know there are great things to this special holiday and then there’s the stress. As wonderful as it is

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True Leadership is Necessary for the Disengaged Social Sector Worker

I recently came across an article titled, “How do I quit my job? You asked Google – here’s the answer”. The Disengaged Worker What caught my eye was the following: “According to a 2013 Gallup

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Want Corporate Money? You Better Know What You’re Doing!

Corporate giving accounts for approximately 10 percent of all philanthropic revenue in the United States. However, there’s great change happening and nonprofits better get with the program. Not too long ago, I spoke with

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Living in the 10 Percent of Life

My best pal in the world, Fran, had cancer. The doctors gave him less than a 10 percent chance to live. The news was devastating. He would be lucky to live a year.

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7 Things No Nonprofit or Social Enterprise Leader Should Say

I think the nonprofit sector is realizing that business as usual is not going to work. Technology and the young are disrupting how people think and give to charity and philanthropy. Business schools

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No One Wants to Be Around Your Bad Attitude

I’ve been working on finalizing my final book of the year. The topic is leadership. Not too long ago, I published a motivational book. You can click here and receive the digital download

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5 Ways You Can Become a Master at Major Gift Fundraising

I’ve been working in the social sector for a long time. I’ve had the experience of taking a nonprofit from zero to over $74 million in less than five years. In my current

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5 Ways to Turn Rejection Into An Opportunity

We’ve all been there. You apply for a job and get rejected. You make a presentation at work thinking everyone will be supportive, and it falls with a thud on deaf ears. Perhaps

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The Meaning and Value of the Dash – Your Life

This past weekend I had to bury my wonderful sister, Jan. Her death was sudden. Jan was the heart of our family, and after a year of incredible loss, including my father, I’m

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How to Get Your Company Involved In #GivingTuesday And Raise Your Brand Awareness

Business and corporate social responsibility (CSR) are no longer catch phrases. Smart businesses are aligning their planning with CSR goals. The reasons are simple: The majority of consumers increasingly seek to be customers of

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