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What Small Nonprofits Should Keep In Mind

It seems to me that more individuals are striking out and starting their own businesses, which include social enterprises and nonprofit ventures. As an entrepreneur, I think it’s great to have more people

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Are You That Important?

Have you ever had a vendor who thought they were too busy to service your business properly?
I did and I fired the company last month.
I have been a social entrepreneur and businessperson for

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Crowdfunding: How Your Nonprofit Can Get Started

As I noted recently in a recent article about social media, Nonprofit Tech for Good reported last year that nonprofits that use crowdfunding raise $9,237 per campaign. That’s a very good amount of

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Hey Nonprofits: Why Are You Waiting to Tweet?

Earlier in February there was a stir in the social media community about Twitter. The company had beat analyst expectations in its year-end quarterly revenue report, but user growth was stagnant. However, the

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Beware of Nonprofit Financial Mismanagement

I recently came across an article from the Washington Post from 2013 where they reported on nonprofit financial mismanagement. This is a very serious issue and it is important to bring it to

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The Importance of Diversity in the Philanthropic Sector

Last year, the United States experienced protests across the nation once again exposing the racial tensions that exist underneath the surface in the country. Many social enterprise and nonprofits deal with the issues

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What Do Today’s Donors Want To See?

Business as usual is finished. Have you noticed?
Donors today are demanding and looking for more from nonprofits. Millennials are not interested in being associated with their fathers’ charities. Today’s more sophisticated donors are

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In Loving Memory of My Dad

This past week has been a week of firsts for me. Let me share a few with you:
• My father called me Friday night and I remember how he was so upbeat. The

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The Silent Social Enterprise or Nonprofit CEO

You can tell a lot about the level of a nonprofit CEO’s leadership by what he or she says, or not, at a board meeting. I firmly believe that a social enterprise or

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Nonprofits Are Businesses; Let’s Stop Thinking Otherwise

If you work in the nonprofit sector, you are hopefully aware that there are significant changes occurring. If you aren’t, shame on you. There is a paradigm shift happening with regard to the

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