It’s All About the Benjamins

In my business, I work with nonprofits and social enterprise organizations every day, and it still amazes me when I speak to executives and they tell me they essentially hope for lightning in

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The Management Charm Offensive

Most of us have been there. We have gone to work and for the sake of a paycheck have done everything to, essentially, put up with an insecure manager who is incompetent, mean-spirited,

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Where to Donate for the Holidays

During the holiday season, many charitable organizations raise a large portion of their fundraising dollars. It is a busy time of year for everyone, but for nonprofits, it is a very critical time

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Five Leadership Myths

Leadership, and what makes or does not make a leader, is something we live with every day of our lives. We seek leaders in government, work, sports and our private lives with PTAs

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Retention Strategies for Non-Profit Staff

Recently, I wrote an article about CEO compensation in the non-profit sector. However, it was rightly pointed out to me that it is not only CEO pay that needs to be looked at,

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Get Your Non-Profit Positioned for 2015

The last quarter of the year is important for any non-profit or business. For charitable organizations, many receive most of their fundraising dollars during the final months of the year. But, this is

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What Makes $9.5 Billion and is a Non-Profit?

The organization helps support a $9.5 billion business annually. Its commissioner makes $44 million.
Did you have any idea when you are watching a football game that the National Football League (NFL) is a

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Don’t Miss Out On Mobile Marketing

A recent study by Nielsen and Google found that 77% of mobile searches occur in the home or work, where individuals are most likely to have access to a computer. 3 out of

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Free Non-Profit Education at 501(c)(3)U

In the United States there are approximately 1.5 million non-profits. Most of these non-profits operate with less than $1 million a year. That’s the target demographic of, which aims to help support

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The Art of Telling Your Non-Profit Story

If you notice, humans have been telling stories since the first art pieces were drawn in caves. There is an innate need for humans to feel a connection to other people. Providing the

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