Toss the Negativity: Nonprofits Don’t Have Time for It

Recently I wrote about why your nonprofit does not want to compete, but dominate. If you want to read the article, click here. I was inspired to write it because of a video

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Hit The Goal On Your Next Team Fundraising Event

So, you’ve set the date for your next walk, run or team event.
How can you help to ensure that it’s a fundraising success?
Realistic Goals
I’m a big believer in stretch goals and pushing hard

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Commit Yourself: Right Or Wrong

Risk is important. And failure is just as important. We’re in a new world here, folks. Fortune most definitely favors the brave. Don’t be afraid to try new things.
Today, I want to write

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Nonprofits And Businesses Are Rocking It With Periscope

At the start of the summer, I wrote what a game-changer Periscope was going to become for nonprofits and businesses. If you want to read what I said then, click here.
Sure enough, I

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A Discussion of the Past, Present and Future of the Nonprofit Sector – Part 2

On Tuesday, I published the first part of my discussion with Leigh who has been in the nonprofit sector for decades as an executive and philanthropist. You can find the first part of

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10 Digital Marketing Facts and Statistics

Digital marketing needs to be part of your overall small business or nonprofit strategy. It’s pretty near impossible to promote an organization and not use digital marketing.
What is digital marketing?
Digital marketing is the

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A Discussion of the Past, Present and Future of the Nonprofit Sector – Part 1

Last week I had the opportunity to speak to a philanthropist in her 80’s. Leigh (she asked me not to use her last name) actually worked in the nonprofit sector for decades only

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3 Ways to Boost Your Facebook Presence and Page

Earlier this year, I wrote about Facebook and the change to their algorithms, which you can read here. Organic reach, in other words, unpaid views has plummeted. The bottom line is that Facebook

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How To Effectively Do Digital Networking And Net-Weaving

It’s all about digital these days and it has impacted skills in networking. In the old days, you would wait for your bright and shiny new business cards to arrive from the printer.

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What Are The Elements For A Development Committee Of The Board?

It happens more often than we’d like to think, but many non-profit boards prefer to pass their fundraising responsibilities to the chief executive or staff. I’ve seen it time and again. However, successful

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