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Wayne Elsey Enterprises specializes in branding strategies to give your outreach the effective identity it needs


We believe in helping our clients create a strong brand that captures hearts. Remember, your brand is a promise! The tools you choose to communicate your brand are just as important because they help supporters derive a sense of identity as they align their hearts with your mission. You must act with clear purpose – it respects the intelligence of your current and potential donors and frames the relationship so it can grow into something lasting and meaningful.

The Power of Your Brand

People expect specific things when interacting with your organization. Your identity needs to be simple, consistent and approachable. If it’s not consistent, you are watering down your public reputation and confusing people about how they can identify with you. What about your volunteers – do they have lukewarm instructions in how they represent your brand? A common problem with turning to “volunteer power” is turning power over to the volunteers. If you allow your brand to be represented poorly through their actions (however good the intentions may be), you will discourage the support of potential supporters. If you have a clear branding process, your volunteers will become the lifeblood of your organization. {Invest in branding experts} that will give you the right framework so you can tap into volunteer communities properly. It will make all the difference!

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