There’s no way around it, the US economy is still hurting. Positions are still getting cut and layoffs continue to happen, but some companies are rebounding and offering more employment everyday. If YOU have experienced losing a job, then YOU know what a mental and emotional stress looking for new work can be. But no matter what potential obstacles YOU may think of such as your age, location, being overqualified, or the sheer volume of applicants, YOU can overcome whatever is in your way. Sometimes we all need is a good kick in the pants!

• YOU may lose a paycheck, but not a full time job; YOUR new full time job is finding an organization that will recognize YOUR talents.
• There are MANY searching for work so plant a vast amount of seeds knowing that most will not come to fruition.
• Don’t stop YOUR search for work waiting on a job offer or confirmation that YOU feel like YOU have a good shot at. Keep moving!
• If YOU can do 70% of a job description, apply for it.
• In the meantime, try to establish a daily routine as if YOU were going to a job everyday.
• Set weekly goals and set more challenging goals over time.

If YOU are unfortunately out of work, chances are YOU will feel fear, anger, regret, helplessness, but these emotions are not YOUR reality. Staying busy does not allow YOU the time to dwell on these feelings. It’s about taking action and making it happen.

This take action approach works when it comes to charitable efforts as well. If someone says that they don’t have the time or money to volunteer or donate, I challenge them to simply do something no matter how small. We are completely capable of accomplishing what we put as our top priorities. If you don’t have a job, seek one. If YOU have a job, make a difference in someone else’s life.

It’s not complicated; it’s just not always convenient. That’s when we need a kick in the pants the most!