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Four Ways to Increase Online Donations

Four Ways to Increase Online Donations

Nonprofit organizations depend on the generosity of others to accomplish the work they set out to do. As our culture has moved online so must our fundraising efforts. That doesn’t mean we leave behind more traditional fundraising strategies. It does, however, mean we must adapt to new avenues to ensure we continue to grow our donor base.

Here is a great list of best practices for online fundraising. Here are four that I know are important:

  1. Know what people are saying about you online. Monitor what people are saying about you online. The power of social media rests in our ability to search what is already being said. Ask a few of your key supporters, especially your Board, to leverage their social platforms to expand the influence and credibility of your organization.
  2. Make your Donate Now button easy to find. I’ve said it before, make your donate now button impossible to miss. If your website is in blue and white make your donate now button yellow. Make it pop and put it on every page if possible.
  3. Keep your donation page simple. In three sentences or less, make it clear what donations can do for your organization. Don’t forget to mention that gifts are tax-deductible.
  4. Ask for donations via social media only on occasion. Limit your requests for donations via Twitter and Facebook to twice a month. First, inspire people by the story your organization is telling and second, ask for help.

Everyone needs to find ways to increase their donations so they can add long-term supporters and attain a more sustainable funding model. The best way to do that is to make sure that your digital real estate sends the right messages that will engage as many supporters as possible.

What digital changes have helped your organization see growth in online giving?


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