One thing that I have never understood in the nonprofit world is the idea that somehow, money is a forbidden topic. Look, it’s time for everyone to get over this notion because it is outdated and restricting. The work that a nonprofit will do is accomplished with the same medium that a business in the corporate world uses. The world revolves around money!

It’s what we do with the money that makes all the difference. In order to make more change in the world, a nonprofit strives to raise as many donations as possible. Raising bigger donations and a larger number of donations will require effective marketing and advertising. In order to receive the best marketing, an organization will need to pay for the best executives. I have always believed that the same business principles used to create a successful company apply to a successful charity. It takes money to make money and it takes money to raise money.

When we don’t talk about money or act like it’s something to be ashamed of, we lose bargaining power. When we talk about money openly with honesty and integrity, we are instantly empowered. The goal is not to make the executive board rich; the goal is to reach as many possible within that charity’s aim. If that means we must employ top candidates with competitive salaries to execute a mission statement, then that is what needs to be done. These are principles that I outline in Almost Isn’t Good Enough. I didn’t originate these ideas, I just put them to work and wasn’t afraid to voice my opinion. Initially I may have been met with skepticism, but doubters tend to become your biggest fans once the mission successfully grows.

Money has been called the root of all evil but I believe money is the mechanism for implementing the goals and dreams we have for humanity. Money will not make up for the passion and effort that need to be there to begin with, but it will allow us to multiple our efforts and grow exponentially. Don’t be afraid to talk about money- it is not a dirty word.