I am going to take a guess that 9 out of 10 readers digesting this blog entry have a cell phone either in their hand, their pocket or sitting within reach. Out of these 9 phones, I’d also be willing to wager that at least 8 of these cell phones are “smart phones”, cell phones equipped with call, text, email, social media, and web browsing capabilities. Don’t quote me on these numbers, but I doubt I’m wrong!

Essentially this means a majority of us are carrying around mobile laptops. Whatever your brand or business may be, if you haven’t begun to utilize mobile technology the time is now. There are over 3 billion internet-enabled phones being used today as opposed to 1.2 billion home computers with internet. People can access their phones at the drop of a dime whether standing in line, sitting at a red light, or waiting for a meeting to start. Successful digital services tend to either offer an entertaining diversion (ie the huge mobile gaming industry or a funny YouTube clip) or help someone accomplish something inherent to a purchase decision. Maybe your company doesn’t fall under these exact categories, but you can put the same technology to work.

If you’re a nonprofit, it’s a must that your mobile website utilizes a secure transaction provider such as PayPal. Potential donors will have the ability to make a donation instantly with the press of a button or a text message depending on how you choose to set up that function. Your message will resonate quickly with everyone through Twitter and Facebook updates that will reflect on user timelines. Creating text message updates and email newsletters that users can sign up for will further your rhetoric with an audience that desires it.

One approach is to list on a piece of paper the top 10 things that you like to use your phone for. Beside each function you list, write a way that your band could use that function of the cell phone. There may not many be feasible options for you to create, but hopefully at least two strong functions would be worth developing. After all, over 3 billion users are waiting to see what you have to offer. The possibilities are many and the results are real, a smart phone will make your brand smarter!