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Wayne Elsey speaks on topics related to leadership, branding, social activism, motivation, and community engagement. Wayne has many years of experience in public speaking for both large and small venues, and has appeared on hundreds of radio, talk, and news shows, including NBC Nightly News, Good Morning America, Today Show, Fox News, and Extreme Makeover Home Edition.

Wayne will work with your team on the related topics below or customize a presentation to fit your corporate structure. Speaking engagement fees will be determined upon understanding of your needs.

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Almost Isn’t Good Enough: Many people see the global needs on TV and want to help but feel insignificant in the face of so much need. At one time, I felt the same way. In this presentation, I walk through my story as a corporate executive that left the glamorous corporate world to start the fastest growing nonprofit in the world. This presentation focuses on identifying people as drivers of their destinies who have the capacity to make a difference and change the world. It could be as simple as a kind gesture to a stranger or as complex as starting an international relief organization. We must demand more from ourselves because almost simply isn’t good enough when we know people are hurting and suffering near us and around the world. This motivational talk will challenge you to do something that matters…today. You’ll leave inspired to get off the couch!

The Power of Brand Simplicity: After a stellar career in the footwear industry, I learned the importance of a driving brand. I discuss how the ‘simplicity’ of the brand is what has propelled the success of Soles4Souls. The steps to “simplicity” will be explored as a way of maximizing the success of any company, organization, or cause.

Successful Nonprofit Management: Running a nonprofit should parallel running any for-profit company, but not according to cultural expectations. Basic business practices such as operations, finance, marketing, branding, human resources and procurement are paramount to sustainable success. During this presentation, I discuss the philosophy and practice of each of these elements and offer an extensive Q&A session.

Last Donor: Is your donor your last? How was their experience? Were they engaged? Are you hitting the “Off” switch when you plan to close the enterprise? These are just a few of the vital questions you need to constantly evaluate to ensure that you are accurately serving the valuable contributions that make your organization tick.

Marketing 101: As obvious as it may seem, most companies miss the basics when it comes to long-term successful operations. What is your DNA? After truly determining the make-up of your brand, maintaining consistency and engaging your brand are the basic principals to sustain your enterprise.

Social Media: Social Media is more than just keeping up with friends and family- it can be the quickest, most efficient way to tap into a wealth of prospective contributors. Dive deep into Social Media, learn how to successfully engage people and their mobile devices, and leave with a roadmap of “engagers” i.e. your donors and customers.

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