Everyone enjoys a great movie. There are movies out there that will make you cry from laughing, make you cry from the pain you see, leave you unsettled without a resolution, or give you tremendous hope. It’s safe to say that movies, and art in general, have the power to connect everyone sitting in the theater on an emotional level. A great movie will even alter your outlook in the real world for the better after watching it.

This year, I’ve been fortunate enough to work with a nonprofit organization called Half Fund that uses art to teach about cancer awareness and is working on producing a movie called “Half” that will do just that. I think it’s a very important undertaking and in working with the Half Fund board, it has truly made me remember the healing power of art. In the case of the movie “Half”, it’s a comedy for people to relate to the humor that can be found even in a negative situation. Laughter is an incredible weapon at getting through troubled times and I can imagine the importance when dealing with a cancer diagnosis.

Something that I found exceptional about Half Fund is the structure of the organization. After the movie “Half” is produced and released, the proceeds are being split between the American Cancer Society and grants that Half Fund will provide to artists to create other mass media projects that will foster cancer education. This could be a movie, a song, a children’s book. The proceeds from that project will then be split again between a cancer nonprofit of the artist’s choice and more Half Fund grants to more artists. This cycle will continue to fund more amazing projects and raise more money for nonprofits at the same time. Imagine that- one nonprofit raising money for even more charities other than itself!

I was impressed and honored to work with Half Fund to say the very least. I know for me personally, I have always been moved and inspired by art to think big when making a difference. Being reminded about the shared experience and collective emotional experience that art can bring, I realize just how much impact a movie like “Half” can have. It is our testimonies and empathy that bring all of us closer together.

So, who’s got the popcorn? I’m ready for a movie night!