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Wayne Elsey

Wayne Elsey created Wayne Elsey Enterprises to give your incredible outreach the greatest impact possibleWayne Elsey is a dynamic leader, speaker and writer. He is committed to making a difference for thousands of non-profit organizations by helping them navigate the challenges common to the non-profit world. Wayne has assembled a team of experts from a variety of fields that offer specific advice tailored to your organization.

Whether you need assistance in Branding, Organizational Structure, Fundraising or Communications and Outreach, Wayne and his team will help you identify your challenges, chart a clear and achievable course of action and guide you through the steps to achieve your goals.

As our Chief Coach, Wayne offers something most other consultants cannot – he’s sat on your side of the table before. He excels at providing real-world advice pulled from his years of experience in both the for-profit world and the non-profit sector.

Contact us today to get a free consultation. There’s no better time than right now to ask Wayne and his team to help take your organization to greater heights!

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